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Although we are a traditional material supplier, we do offer service and install on doors and hardware on a smaller scale. If you need assistance on install of hardware or door replacement, please contact our office today for a site visit or quote.

On site we have a custom fabrication shop for hollow metal frames and doors. We can assemble custom radius, bullnose, and oversized frame requests.

We also are a proud supplier and installer of Total Door Systems. This exclusive system is a completely integrated opening that has hardware preinstalled which works as a truly unified opening that reduces maintenance and life cycle costs. It is a very versatile system that can be custom built to meet any expectations or requirements of the project.

Metal Doors and Hardware is pleased to provide specification writing and design consultation for your opening needs. We have multiple members on our staff that have either or both AHC / CDC certification from the Door and Hardware Institute. We have the expertise to minimize any conflicts between hardware specifications and the hollow metal, wood door, and aluminum storefront specifications. Our specification writers have worked with architects and general contractors on a wide range of projects including office buildings, schools, churches, and hospitals. Collaboration is key and the experience of our spec writers will ensure generalizations become specifics for each project.

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Although we have supplied and or helped with the design process for thousands of projects across multiple states, here are a few notable projects that represent the schools, sporting venues, hospitals and businesses that we specialize in.

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Interested in the manufacturers we work closely with and what products that they can offer? Click here for a comprehensive list of most major manufacturers that we work with on a regular basis.

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You can contact of our office electronically by following this link to our web form or dropping us an email to Of course we are just a phone call away too.